Volunteer and donate

Volunteering at the McKiernan Library is only a click away

The McKiernan Library thrives on the help of dedicated volunteers. Opportunities include: monitoring the space and assisting patrons during open hours, cataloging, shelving, digitization, exhibit setup and more! Our library staff provides training and supervision to help you help us. Also if you have books, audio and other archival materials you would like to donate, please contact Library Director Brian Miller before bringing anything to the Celtic Junction.
As a general guideline, the McKiernan Library collects the most high quality, authoritative materials available on all topics related to Ireland, the Irish Diaspora and the other Celtic Countries.
Our current collection includes the McKiernan donation as well as additional donations from community members and organizations including Irish Genealogical Society International. We are working to grow our collection of books on the Irish Arts (especially music and dance) in hopes to better serve the Celtic Junction Arts Center community and the broader Irish Arts community of Minnesota.


Celtic Junction Arts Center and the Eoin McKiernan Library are the winners of the 2018 IrishCentral's Creativity and Arts Award for Irish American Centers and Festivals! 


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836 Prior Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55104

Celtic Junction is a Twin Cities-based arts and cultural center that provides a central gathering place to educate our audiences and preserve, promote and celebrate the Celtic cultural legacy for the benefit of all ages and future generations.